State of Readiness: Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis (PhD)

In this edition of “State of Readiness”, I invite Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis. Morphis is an experienced professional in the field of Operational Excellence who I have known for a great many years and with whom I have shared the stage at several conferences.

Our conversation is on the impact of COVID on businesses and their operations. Even though we know we have not made it through to the other side of this event, and in fact we are still in the midst of it, we share our observations of what companies have done, what they are doing, and what they might still need to consider.

We start off with a discussion on “disruptors”; specifically what are non-credible disruptors and what are credible disruptors. The difference between the two is that a credible disruptor has truly destructive powers and where true transformation will occur; necessity being the mother of invention.

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