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As an expert and experienced marketing consultant, I am skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the whole marketing process. Reach out to me to unlock the potential of your organization through the assessment and subsequent implementation of effective marketing strategies.

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So, you want to write a book…

My book, “State of Readiness”, was published in May this year (2017).  And it’s been almost six months since I have written a fresh article.  It’s not been for a lack of topics.  In fact, I have several topics in the queue for articles I want to write.  But, publishing a book took a lot…

My Articles

Is it “Worth the Click”?

From the publicly-traded, multi-national conglomerates, to Girl Scouts selling their cookies (Thin-Mints rule), to the budding entrepreneur who opens a lemonade stand – and everything in between – there are all manner of companies and individuals offering a near infinite variety of products and services.  And about as diverse as the companies and their offerings…

My Articles

First Impressions Are Important

As is my habit, I occasionally “google” my name (with XONITEK, so that I don’t get the Joseph Paris that is into hair) to see what might be out there. I get the expected links to the various articles I have written or events in which I have taken part, but occasionally I get surprised….