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Leveraging Technology in Pharma

I am not easily impressed by technology.  In fact, I am often a contrarian and don’t easily buy into the hype of the “next great thing”.  It’s probably a combination of factors. One being that I started my professional career during the 1980’s and 90’s – a period of time when there was a veritable…

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Healthcare: No End In Sight – Poor Value at Unsustainable Costs

Something is seriously wrong… The healthcare industry as a whole in the United States is corrupt, dysfunctional, ineffective, and inefficient.  And regardless of “party affiliation”, everyone appears to share this opinion.  The only real disagreement (and a heated disagreement at that) is what should be done about it, and whether what has been done to date…

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Weighing in on Healthcare

I have refrained from discussing Healthcare in my articles because the topic is so politically polarized.  If I say that I am “for” healthcare reform, I am labeled a “socialist” (or worse) who is against free-markets – and if I say that I am against healthcare reform, then I am a heartless free-market capitalist. I wonder,…