STRATEGIST READ MORE In my leadership role at XONITEK, I find that clients and prospective clients (for the most part) are not interested in theoretical discussions. They are looking for actionable ideas. As such, the conversation quickly turns to the strategic. AUTHOR READ MORE A prolific writer of articles and the author of “State of Readiness”. I write about how companies operate, the human condition, world economics – and the interrelationships between the three. I write about the challenges that are faced and the opportunities that exist. SPEAKER Called upon to deliver keynotes, breakout sessions, master classes and workshops, and participate in panel discussions. Public speaking is my Gemba, (a Japanese word that means “the real place”). In my Gemba, I meet and connect with those who are living the challenges and opportunities. CONNECTOR Simply put, if I can’t do it myself, I know someone who can. Walking the earth for as long as I have, I know a lot of very talented people who, in turn, know many other talented people. If you want to compress your reaching a conclusion in an expeditious and professional manner. WRITER READ MORE I write about how companies operate, the human condition, world economics – and the interrelationships between the three. I write about the challenges that are faced and about the opportunities that abound.


I’m Joseph Paris, self-professed “edge-walker” and founder of XONITEK – an international management consultancy firm specializing in the pursuit of Operational Excellence. Whether you are in the C-suite, or an MBA candidate, or an executive in a multi-national corporation, or just curious about improving operations and the human condition; this site is dedicated to you.  It is a place where you and I can connect, get to know each other, learn from one another, and stay in touch. I offer my blog to you as a trusted resource and promise a steady stream of “thought food” for your consumption and enjoyment – relevant and reliable information about leadership, creating a corporate culture where innovation can thrive, and persistently refining one’s own ecosystem.

Pursuit Of Operational Excellence

One of the main themes of my blog is the pursuit of Operational Excellence, a discipline which I define as, “A comprehensive, end-to-end program for the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue Operational Excellence by Design, and not by coincidence.”  How do I live that discipline?  The expression edge-walker seems apt.  I travel between worlds; countries, cultures, organizations – each vastly different in many ways – talking with people about the challenges and opportunities at hand, and what their deepest fears might be, the fears that keep them up at night. I founded XONITEK, an international management consultancy, as one means to help client companies realize their opportunities and meet their challenges head-on, to overcome them, and to realize the opportunity that lays therein.  And because we need to “think globally, but act locally,” I founded the Operational Excellence Society as a means for like-minded individuals in a region to take the conversation from cyberspace and make it face-to-face.

Intersection of Shared Interests

Operational improvement initiatives can bring significant benefits to your company, deliver greater value to your customers, and bring changes that enhance your personal life and your career. But human nature being what it is, change rarely comes from within.  It will most likely be the result of external forces brought to bear – perhaps a new competitor, or a merger with another company, or a change in leadership, or a leap-frog in technology, or even a global economic crisis. My mission is to use the principles of Operational Excellence to create and support the actions necessary to react to changes in the marketplace – for certain.  But even better is to use these same principles to create a corporate culture where innovation flourishes as the norm – setting the pace as the leader of the market and reducing the instances, and in-fact the need, to be reactive. I, personally, bring more than two decades of professional experience to bear in the fulfillment of that mission, along with a considerable array of resources to maximize the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Invitation to Engage More Fully

As you pursue your own voyage towards true transformation, embracing innovation, and striving for high-impact results in a sustainable manner, I invite you to consider me your Sherpa – a learned guide who is happy to help carry the burden, and who draws on experience, knowledge, and instinct.  It would be a great honor and pleasure to share in your journey. Meanwhile, keep your fingers on the pulse of our industry by reading my blog, where we can share dreams and aspirations, experience the nostalgia of life’s conditions, and explore the culture and best operational practices of today’s multinational businesses. Together we’ll explore innovation and work to create an environment where true transformational change can thrive, not just happen – establishing the new “norm”.  And together we will pursue a state of Operational Excellence – for our company, for those around us, and for ourselves. I look forward to seeing you again – or perhaps for the first time.

State Of Readiness

The company of today has its supply chains and finances stretched further around the globe than ever before while simultaneously having increasing pressures to drive value across a complicated and fluid set of metrics and deliver innovations, products, and services more quickly and reliably.

The competitive advantage belongs to the companies that can quicken their vision-building and strategy-execution efforts—the ones that can identify challenges more swiftly and accelerate their decision making so they are better able to formulate and deploy responses decisively yet with greater agility.

To successfully accomplish this, companies will have to prioritize creating a culture of leadership that strengthens communication skills and emphasizes systems thinking by building capacity and capability that cuts across the business smokestacks and permeates the entire organization.