The Outliers Inn – Episode 12 – Game Theory

Welcome to Episode 12 of The Outliers Inn podcast: Game Theory Topic: It’s all fun and games until… you hit a Nash equilibrium. JP and Antlerboy explore the games people (and organisations) play, going from Stratego to politics to framing, re-framing, and how to challenge the rules of the game. If that sounds a little dry, wait…

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There is a Nail in Your Forehead? but I am good with that if you are

My father, who was a manager at International Business Machines (IBM), once told me; “If it were not for the ‘people problems’, management would be easy.”  In the world of management, and management consulting, truer words were never spoken.  And so is the challenge with most consulting engagements, especially when the words “transformational change” are uttered….

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Euro Dogma or Greek Drachma?

The nation of Greece is bankrupt. Let’s just say it plainly and simply. Let’s not use “poli-speak” words aimed at soothing the sting or trying to maintain someone’s self-esteem such as; “insolvent”, or “challenged”, or “bust”. And let’s be even more plain, any manner of restructuring of debt, other than “arm’s length” transaction, is the…