Best and Brightest

Those of us in the international business community enjoy an unparalleled ability to connect with like-minded individuals around the world.

I purposefully position myself so that I regularly have the opportunity to meet and interact with highly qualified and highly motivated leaders across many disciplines, so I can get to know them personally and professionally.

I surround myself with these talented individuals, in part, because they are invaluable to those I touch as well as to me, personally.  But mostly, I thirst for knowledge and capability – and feed from their energy.

I continue the engagement with them professionally; through my consulting projects, blog, social media platforms, professional organizations and speaking engagements  – and socially as well.  When two-way communication is appropriate and welcomed, we interact through meaningful dialogue.

Rest assured, it is not my style to be intrusive, but rather to foster relationships when the door to relationships is open – to make it real and then keep it real.

Those That “Want” and Those That “Have”

In addition to specialists in Operational Excellence, I network with professionals in finance, mergers & acquisitions, human resources, engineering, customer service, legal and accounting, information technology, and countless other disciplines.

My way of networking is to listen carefully to ascertain the real needs of those in my network – and then connect those who have certain resources with those who need them.

But “need” is not enough.  Everyone needs something.

What I look for before I can offer my help and engage, indeed before I can even have an ability to help, is that there is a “want”.  The person or company that needs to change their circumstances must also possess the desire to change – for without the desire and the expenditure of energies, the status quot will remain.

In the end, my goal as Connector is to be an empathetic mediumwho can put those who have a need and the desire in touch with those who have the value proposition and ability to deliver.

Operational Excellence Society

In June of 2008, I founded the Operational Excellence Group on LinkedIn.  Its purpose is to create a community where like-minded individuals could connect in a focused Social Media environment.  By the beginning of 2012, the LinkedIn group had grown to more than25,000 members worldwide.

Feeling there was a need to take the global and apply it to the local, I decided to move the group from cyberspace and make it face-to-face.  And thus, I founded the Operational Excellence Societyfor like-minded professionals who have a desire to mind-share and collaborate – but in a regional context.

The Society blends workshops and personal collaboration with business networking and mentorship opportunities.  And I am very gratified that this community has proven to be such an important medium for sharing experiences and best-practices for me, for the members, and for so many others..

Professional and Educational Networks

In addition to online networking, it is my privilege to serve the following organizations.

  • Board member of the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) Department at the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University
  • Board member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Process Industries Division (PID)
  • Member of the New York Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)

My community involvement includes the Boy Scouts of America and career counseling for students and peers (mentorship).  My personal interests include sailing (teamwork, challenge), golf (mental discipline), and camping (getting back to nature, clearing my mind, no distractions, peace) and photography (capturing the wonders of the world and of life’s many experiences).

Invitation to Connect

I invite you to connect with me – whether you are located nearby me or from anywhere on the globe – using any of the channels I have established (or by any other means available).  Together, let’s lift organizations around the world and those who serve them, as well as ourselves, to new heights of Operational Excellence.