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Teachers: Your Students are your Legacy

For students in school, it’s graduation time.  Many young students are graduating from one grade to the next and still others are graduating from their high school and taking the next big step on their life’s journey into adulthood.  Of these, some will go directly into the job market; some will join the armed services;…

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“Stealth” Mentorship

I would find it hard to believe that any successful person achieved that success without having at least one mentor along their journey – someone who was instrumental and influential in the life journey of the person being mentored (the mentee).  But what is mentorship? Mentorship is a semi-formal relationship between someone who has wisdom…

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State of Readiness and Operational Excellence – Thought Leader Interview

Welcome to our third installment of the Thought Leader Interview series in which we interview Joseph Paris. Joseph is a keynote speaker, writer and consultant in Operational Excellence who shares his insights on the State of Readiness in Operational Excellence and how organizations can build up execution capabilities, accelerate their decision making and stay competitive in the…

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Fail fast, fail small, learn, and move on

Nobody likes to fail. Failing causes us embarrassment. Failing bruises our ego. Failing might be a dark spot on our performance assessments. All we have to do is reflect on our childhood for when we failed and how poorly we felt. Even if our parents did give us encouragement, we still felt bad about failing….

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Mentoring – The Most Charitable Form of Leadership

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” -Vernon Sanders Law

The best way to accelerate your personal and professional growth is by seeking and engaging mentors. These “Sherpa’s” can be invaluable during your life journey. They can help you snap into focus your dreams and help facilitate their pursuit. They can help you see opportunity and avoid hazards.