Outliers Inn; Travel Adventures During COVID

Welcome to another “open mic” edition at The Outliers Inn with JP and stand-in co-host Don Burshnick who has co-hosted enough episodes that he can be considered the co-co-host.

JP and Don start-off the conversation by sharing how refreshing it is to get back out in the field and doing some face-to-face work after being largely confined to quarters during the COVID Pandemic.  For two guys who normally spend a lot of time in airplanes traveling to client-sites, being grounded for an extended period of time is as uncomfortable as it is unusual.  JP has traveled from Germany to the States a couple of times and Don just returned from Mexico.

We share the “myth” of border crossings.  We read about all the rules associated with travel.  But where the expectation is stringent controls, paperwork validation, and health-checks, the reality has been quite the opposite; with no observable differences between travel pre-COVID and during (so long as you have the proper passport and paperwork).  The only real difference that JP noticed is that hardly anyone is on the plane.  JP shares his ideas about business and rules.  By and large, businesses don’t care what the rules are, they just want to know what the rules are and that the rules will not change with the wind.  Sure, they might lobby and lament, but at the end of the day, so long as they are predictable, all is good with the world.

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