On “Being Green” and “Global Warming”

I grew-up in Binghamton, New York – actually a “suburb” of Binghamton, New Yorkcalled West Corners. West Corners was a nice little community and, as a child, seemed more akin to “Green Acres” and “The Waltons” than the nearby birthplace of such industrial stalwarts as Endicott-Johnson Shoes (remember “Father and Son Shoes”?), Link Simulation (the founding father of modern simulation) and that industrial giant, International Business Machines (IBM).

I remember the summers with great fondness. I used to wake-up early in the morning and head to “the crick” – also known as Nanticoke Creek – with fishing rod in hand and old shoes (or at least soon-to-be old shoes). We used to fish all day long, catching minnows and crawdads by hand for bait. When we got bored, we swam. And when we got hungry, we started a campfire and cooked-up the fish and crawdads we had caught. Sometimes, and when in season, we would pick ears of corn and throw them on the fire – husk and all. There is no better way to eat corn then roasted in their husks on an open fire


Weighing in on Healthcare

I have refrained from discussing Healthcare in my articles because the topic is so politically polarized.  If I say that I am “for” healthcare reform, I am labeled a “socialist” (or worse) who is against free-markets – and if I say that I am against healthcare reform, then I am a heartless free-market capitalist. I wonder,…


Happy Holiday!

Happy Holidays As we come to the end of another year, we find ourselves reflective of the year’s hard fought battles won and lost, of loves arrived and departed, and of business successes and disappointments. With rebuilding spirit, we look with great anticipation to what lay before us in the coming year. And, most importantly, we look to connect over…