Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – July 2017

  Issue: 2017-07 July 2017 Founder’s Corner Healthcare: No End In Sight – Poor Value at Unsustainable Costs Joseph Paris   Something is seriously wrong… The healthcare industry as a whole in the United States is corrupt, dysfunctional, ineffective, and inefficient.  And regardless of “party affiliation”, everyone appears to share this opinion.  The only real disagreement…

Operational Excellence

Contingent Workforce Weekly, Episode 206: Discussion with Joseph F. Paris, Author and “Operational Excellence” Guru

Welcome to another edition of the Contingent Workforce Weekly podcast, sponsored by Shiftgig. This week’s podcast features a discussion with Joseph F. Paris, Jr., author of State of Readiness and an expert in “operational excellence.” Joseph and I chat about: The link between talent engagement and operational excellence. What the Gig Economy means for businesses that are trying to achieve operational…