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Contingent Workforce Weekly, Episode 206: Discussion with Joseph F. Paris, Author and “Operational Excellence” Guru

Welcome to another edition of the Contingent Workforce Weekly podcast, sponsored by Shiftgig. This week’s podcast features a discussion with Joseph F. Paris, Jr., author of State of Readiness and an expert in “operational excellence.” Joseph and I chat about: The link between talent engagement and operational excellence. What the Gig Economy means for businesses that are trying to achieve operational…

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The Gig Economy – No Jobs, Just Work

There has been a lot written lately of the “Gig Economy” – the notion that, in the future of earning a living, there will no longer be jobs, just work. It’s an earnings environment where the supply and demand for skillsets are contracted between those that have a need and those who can fulfill that need.

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ERP Selection Survival Kit

Who serves who?  Does Technology serve the people – or do the people serve technology? I started my business during the “Golden Age of Technology” back in 1985.  This was a time when the power of computing was being brought to the individual level; a time of personal computers (starting with the Apple-II and IBM-PC)…

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When “Information” Becomes “Noise”

It seems that every day brings with it a new way to pass information – some to varying degrees of want. With a constant stream of data and touch-points, when does it all become a blended and deafening cacophony of “noise”?  How can one “squelch” out the static and focus on that which is truly important?  How…

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Cloud Telephony: “Nomads at Last”

The New Nomadism Apr 10th 2008, From The Economist print edition At the Nomad Café in Oakland, California, Tia Katrina Canlas, a law student at the nearby university in Berkeley, places her double Americano next to her mobile phone and iPod, opens her MacBook laptop computer and logs on to the café’s wireless internet connection to study for her class…