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I write about how companies operate, the human condition, world economics – and the interrelationships between the three.  I write about the challenges that are faced and about the opportunities that abound.  I write about companies and organizations, individuals – even countries – and their pursuit of Operational Excellence.iting to Refine Ideas

For me, writing is a tool of engagement.  I write to engage in discussions on ideas with my readers.  Always I take a stand and try to provoke you to do the same, even if we disagree.

We all share an inherent human weakness: we cannot always see clearly what lies ahead – especially when we are too close to the subject.  I find that by articulating what I observe of the rituals, processes, and activities of modern multi-national corporations, I gain insight and understanding.

And as I engage with my fellow thought-leaders, I challenge my own beliefs and I get glimpses of what may be possible.sonal Writing Experience

I write because I’m an observer and an empath of the human experience.  My natural curiosity makes me question everything, sometimes in a somewhat unconventional way.

By sharing my writings with you, I can perhaps inspire you to think in new ways.  Perhaps your new thoughts will find their way back to me and, in turn, inspire me.

Through our ongoing conversation, we can support each other in our quest to compete and thrive in a dynamic, changing, and often unpredictable world.  And most important, perhaps we will be better able to understand, appreciate, and respect others – and enjoy ourselves more in our place in the world.

Ideas Backed by Research

Remembering Walter Cronkite; remembering when the news was news and not opinion, and when it was information and not trivia.  Which has more of an impact on our lives; the goings-on of some strung-out celebrity? or the struggles of entire nations, peoples – and even companies – as they try to endure, adapt, and survive?

So unlike many “talking heads” on the web, I take great effort to avoid giving uncorroborated opinions on my blog and I take great pains to ensure that what I write is substantiated by valid source material.  In exploring the circumstances and culture of people and of companies – and in all of my writing – I research my articles thoroughly and provide hyperlinks through-out leading to supporting information sources.ation to Readers Worldwide

Join me on the blog – engage with me.  Don’t be shy.  You are welcome to participate in the conversation.

My sometime use of audacious statements to convey opinions and to challenge the status quo may not be what you’re used to in a blog; after-all, it’s not the “safe” thing for me to do.  But they are intended to provoke you to form an opinion and to take a stand.

But be forewarned; the tools of the writing trade to evoke such a response are bold.  I can be sarcastic and sardonic.  I have a keen sense for the ironic and can be irreverent.  And I have a wry sense of humor.  So argue with me – I dare you.

Let me know if you agree with what I write.  Better yet; let me know if you disagree, have some supplemental information I had not considered, or have an alternative point of view.  All information and knowledge is welcome, especially if it is contraire to my position.

Rest assured that my goal is to inspire you to think, to take a position.  And if our positions are contrary to each other, so much the better!  Maybe we will both shift our points of view just a little and thereby gain a new perspective.

See you inside the blog.