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In my leadership role at XONITEK, I find that clients and prospective clients (for the most part) are not interested in theoretical discussions.  They are looking for actionable ideas.

As such, the conversation quickly turns to the strategic.

Approach to Planning

In university, a philosophy professor challenged our class to “Question everything,” to which I replied, “Why?”

My rather impetuous response is the lesson behind the question – and  has become a guiding principle of my discovery process and helps define the actions necessary to make your dreams a reality.

My starting point for the planning process is what Rudyard Kipling referred to as his six honest serving men:

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

Stages of Planning

As partners, together we work through a basic framework of strategy development:

  • Define the Strategy:  Establish a vision of the future and establish goals.  Be able to communicate these goals simply.
  • Develop the Tactics:  How are we going to achieve our stated goals?  What are the plans?
  • Identify the Logistics:  What resource do we need in; time, money, people – to support the plan?

Leadership and Execution

But dreaming, devising, and organizing never accomplished a single thing in the entire history of the world.  To accomplish anything, you must make a decision and act on that decision.  This is not to say you must affect some change, because one can also decide to do nothing – and doing nothing is also a perfectly valid decision.

Once the initial planning has been accomplished, you will discover that it is now possible to determine whether the project is worthwhile and achievable.  It’s time to make that “go / no-go” decision – and decide you must, because that is what leaders do.

If the decision is to “go” – to execute the plan – I can help to provide the overall leadership at all phases of execution; including training and coaching internal leaders so that your company can become a High-Performance Organization.

My goal – the goal of XONITEK – is to help you realize your goal.

Beginning the Dialogue

You may be waiting for me to make the pitch that we are better than everyone else in our field – that we have some “secret sauce” that you desperately need and others would love to have.  We will never assert such a claim; we will never subject you to “hype”.

We excel in our field because we are attentive, responsive and pragmatic.  You will never see us staffing a project with recent graduates – all of our consultants are experienced industry experts who are wired to drive value.

We listen closely; we formulate an approach quickly – and always simply; and we engage with passion to help you with the realization of your strategy.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not Simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

On the Contact menu tab, you’ll find several ways to reach me. Let’s talk about your next initiative. I can’t wait to hear about your concerns, goals, and aspirations.