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Is it “Worth the Click”?
Joseph F Paris Jr
From the publicly-traded, multi-national conglomerates, to Girl Scouts selling their cookies (Thin-Mints rule), to the budding entrepreneur who opens a lemonade stand – and everything in between – there are all manner of companies and individuals offering a near infinite variety of products and services. And about as diverse as the companies and their offerings are the ways in which they attempt to build awareness (and the hoped-for resultant sales).
The scope of this topic of marketing and building awareness is so vast that it would be impossible to adequately address each and every permutation in an article. But I feel I have enough experience in the narrow band of marketing less tangible offerings such as consulting services (and the related tools), and especially the notion of “thought leadership”, that some might benefit from the wisdom I am about to lay-down.

5 Keys to Establishing & Maintaining Optimal Target Inventory Levels
By David McPhetrige

At a high level, a supply chain’s structure defines critical factors affecting optimal target inventory levels – factors such as replenishment lead time and variation, customer demand and variation, and replenishment frequency. Supply-chain structure is fundamental to optimal overall financial performance. Still, to achieve target service levels reliably with minimal inventory and expediting, we must establish and maintain optimal target inventory levels for each item in each stocking location.

So we ask: Can you establish and maintain the optimal inventory position for each item in each location?

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Mar 2-4, 2016: Amsterdam
 It is a well-known fact that the primary aim of every business is to maximize profit; however every business is faced with competition. Every company depends on its managerial executives to create opportunities through continuous improvement, productivity, quality assurance, employee development or management services consultant packages.
OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be in attendance and serving as an Expert Speaker. We invite you to join us there!
Mar 9-10, 2016: Abu Dhabi
The unprecedented fall in the crude oil prices has led to a huge shift in the dynamics of oil and gas industry with increasing focus on operation excellence. The fall of oil prices has resulted into operating companies shedding extra weight and moving in the direction of maximizing operational efficiency. The Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas 2015 is designed to give an opportunity to the regional operators to come together and benchmark their plans, processes and strategies with their peers in the industry.
OpEx Society’s, Joseph Paris, will be delivering a Workshop.

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Operational Excellence demands you should never waste a good crisis
By Richard Lyle
As the UK economy continues to lick its wounds and works hard to rebuild a more rosy future, it is a useful time for reflection and improvement.  Whilst very few industries emerged unscathed, in the construction industry there is no disputing the level of chaos and damage caused by half a decade of economic quagmire.   
The construction industry may have dragged itself into the recovery position, but the scale of the impact remains an ongoing concern for many organisations, business leaders and policymakers across the sector.  

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Every day we read about finance and doing mega-deals, but what about finance for the average business owner?  Most start-ups rely on credit-cards, but did you know there are avenues other than credit-cards?  For instance, consider the valuable, yet obscure, role that pawn-shops might play – beyond “Pawn Stars”.  And then there are the nuances of engaging in finance in different parts of the world – after all, there is hardly a more intimate form of relationship between two people than those that involve money.   


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