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The Value Chain of the Future

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies
Paris-B&W-WAWI believe it might be safely said without debate that the most important date in the history of Supply Chain and Logistics is April 26th, 1956.  This is the date that the SS Ideal-X set sail from the Port of Newark in New Jersey (USA).  Five days later, when it arrived in the Port of Houston in Texas (USA), marked the beginning of a new era.  It was not the material that was being shipped that made the voyage noteworthy, but rather the manner in which the material was being shipped.  For the SS Ideal-X was carrying 58, 35′ aluminum Containers, and this voyage marked the very first time such a means of transport ever occurred. However, this revolution was not started by a Greek Shipping Magnate, or anyone else in the sea-freight business.  And it wasn’t the brainchild of some Industrial Engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or the result of some think-tank exercise at a management consultancy firm, or a government-sponsored program. Click here for full article…    Biography         Linked-In          Blog        Executive-Team

Why are 70% of all Process Improvement Projects Failing? By Georges Van Cauwenbergh
In a recent podcast on PEX, Nigel Clements (advisor with UK-based non-profit Deming Forum) was asked: “The world of business contains a bewildering array of approaches to process improvement and process management. But sometimes it can seem like we’re having hardly any effect on business operations.So how can we improve the business of improvement?” Some six years back I was working as a Senior Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for IBM, I was asked to look into failure rate of projects. When I concluded my findings I was also using a negative point of view; “Why do projects fail?” Click here for full article…

Life is either a Romantic Adventure or Nothing at All By Charles E. Smith, PhD     
As a consultant, I’ve sold companies imaginative thinking, team building, culture change, breakthrough results and executive coaching… People were helped, money was made and customers served. But inevitably, a prior context of order and control, power and position would creep back in. In some measure, my experience was like the Ernst and Young training video where the guy says, “I always wanted to be a Lion Tamer but I’m afraid, so I’m trying to work it out as an accountant.

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