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Amazon.com: Change-agent of Retail & Logistics
Is the Lack of Lean Six-Sigma Accreditation a Vacuum Worth Filling?
5 Myths Every Business Must Avoid


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June 2011
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EU Operational Excellence Summit

3rd Annual

The High-Performance Organization in a Frictionless World

The XONITEK Group of Companies is very pleased to announce the 3rd Annual EU Operational Excellence SummitEU Flagwith this year’s venues being in:

– June 7th; Budapest, Hungary 

– June 9th; Milan, Italy 

PDF icon –  Full Event Program 

This event might be the most worthwhile day you will spend this year – hearing some of the most interesting and dynamic business leaders discuss the challenges of the day and how you may best be prepared and overcome.

Click here for full event details including Speaker Roster and Registration Information.





Amazon.com: Change-Agent of Retail and Logistics  

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies
JosephParis2011Amazon was founded in 1994 and came on-line in 1995.  Its model was simple – sell books through the internet.  There would be no retail overhead to be absorbed that inflated the sale price of its products whatsoever.  The “store” – its website – would be open 24/7. … It will change the value-chain forever.  


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Is the Lack of Lean Six-Sigma Accreditation a Vacuum Worth Filling? 

By Georges van Cauwenbergh
Awhile back in a meeting with several colleagues – Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts – someone asked the question: “How credible are our accreditations of Lean Six Sigma?”  We all know that there is not one Lean Six Sigma accreditation body (Globally) that is respected by everyone.  Unlike traditional project management, Lean Six Sigma is still in a position of flux when it comes to certifying its practitioners…

5 Myths Every Business Must Avoid 

By Vivian Hairston Blade
At a recent stockholder’s meeting, the Vice President of Sales for a global manufacturer reported, “The economy has been tough on our industry.  Sales volumes significantly declined and have not nearly returned to pre-recession levels.  The company has laid off employees, cut expenses and, unfortunately, has had to cut price to remain competitive.  Competitors have cut price as much as 40% on some products.  We’re ‘under-water’ on critical components our customers need.  But, we have no choice.”  Sound familiar?  Could this be your company?  Click here for full article… 

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