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On Gambling, Logic, Statistics – and Project Portfolio Return Optimizations
Defuse the Process Bombs
Barrier of Complacency to Competitive Advantage


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April 2011
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EU Operational Excellence Summit

3rd Annual

The High-Performance Organization in a Frictionless World

The XONITEK Group of Companies is very pleased to announce the 3rd Annual EU Operational Excellence SummitEU Flagwith this year’s venues being in:

– June 7th; Budapest, Hungary 

– June 9th; Milan, Italy    

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 Full Event Program

This event might be the most worthwhile day you will spend this year – hearing some of the most interesting and dynamic business leaders discuss the challenges of the day and how you may best be prepared and overcome.

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On Gambling, Logic, Statistics – and Project Portfolio Return Optimization

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies
JosephParis2011Most people look at the overall return on an investment – be it personally (as in the “markets”) or professionally (in this instance, a Continuous Improvement program).  They look at the budget under their control and the magnitude of the overall return.  If the return achieves their goals, they are satisfied – if it does not, they are displeased. Click  here for full article...

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Defuse the Process Bombs

By Kelvin F. Cross

The directive was clear, “You have a week to find a way to defuse our ‘process bombs.”  This was the challenge put out by the new Vice President at a Fortune 200 company upon inheriting a business process fraught with delays and errors.  It is amazing what a sense of urgency and an aggressive deadline will do to focus one’s thinking and prioritization of work.

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Barrier of Complacency to Competitive Advantage

By Darrell Casey, PhD
To remain competitive in the market requires management to take an active role in recognizing and acknowledging that the business environment is changing daily.  Time and distance have been compressed to a point that their presence only ensures that somewhere a business interest is about to launch a product or services to meet changing customer needs; faster and cheaper.

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